Past Months I have read in papers and answered many advertisements, in reference to Help wanted, for local stores and businesses. I have applied in person with all qualifications of job requirements, and with great hope and confidence I awaited to have an interview with these companies, Patiently waiting weeks after, I finally decided to call the future employer, On the telephone and in person I followed up, if they were interviewing .Little to my surprise one of the employees there walked up and mentioned job had been filled. To my curiosity I asked when this happened, Oh last week. I left in dismay thinking, maybe I lacked those qualifications which were required and went on with my usual life. As months progressed, this store was on my route to my current job, peaking in one day I saw young Indian boy working behind the counter. I walked in the store pretending to be a shopper , went to this specific person, He in his best English greeted me Good morning Ma’am , Can I help you , I pretending to be a customer ,said no thank you just looking . With a smile I asked in friendly tone, How long you been here, He mentioned ma’am I just came last week from Mumbai India. This statement confirmed my doubt, that we locals are still scapegoats for the merchants on Island. Merchants advertise to show they are seeking help, when they collect enough resumes, as per labor law, then they continue to show government they have searched for this position and no one is capable enough to work for this position. From beginning their mind is already planned to import a person from India. I ask only one question, how the island people accept to earn when the locals are not given a fair opportunity to work.


  1. We must take a stand on this story. Jobs are required to keep our peoples earnings and increase of wages. There are enough of opportunities on Sxm. Correct training and guidance we the country can succeed

  2. Reading this article, I am aware of this at my work place. We the locals do not have choices to speak up our views in fear loss of our position at work. There are many incidents my friend and I witness and we simply ignore. I don’t think it’s only Indians but other nationals do the same. There is freedom of speech and employees should start a petition to make a point. This is correct time to get this heard as season brings more workers more overseas. If there is shortage of knowledge within local then why start small agency to recruit and train new applicants. If we are employed with proper training , why we cannot be the same or better sales skills required. We need jobs on the island , with good skills the world has no end.