Extreme Survival MPC 2019


On Saturday, 13th April 2019 , Milton Peters College (MPC)will hold its 15th annual Extreme Survival. The biggest event everybody is awaiting and preparing for each year.

Outrun ! Outplay ! Outlast !

MPC each year organizes an event where students AND teachers may show their mental and physical abilities: EXTREME SURVIVAL. It will happen on April 13th, 2019: a number of hikes, of which we will only know the route on the day itself. For every route you receive a certain number of points, however, for every minute you are late, you receive one point less and if you are not careful, you can end up in the red. At the beginning of each route, each group receives two envelopes. One you are immediately allowed to open. It gives you clues as to where you have to go e.g. “follow the track until you see a tamarind tree on your right” or “look for an orange sign.”The other envelope is an emergency envelope. If you are lost and need extra assistance you may open this envelope, however, points are taken off if opened. Then a bit of cycling, kayaking, and swimming and in addition various activities where you have to use your brains.

Physically an exhaustive effort. So why would you do this (again)? One really wonders sometimes why to participate at such a tiring event like this, but the happy faces at the finish will say it all: “Yes this was worth all the past fatigues”. It is a challenge to put your powers to the test. Although you will say at the finish: “never again”, when the new survival event is announced, you eagerly want to join again. The fun is bigger than all muscle aches and fatigue. That will pass; the memory of that day lasts forever!

Renee Urgert ( team The 4 last Dodos)