Future growth of our Island

As we progress in 2016 , and we look back to 1990 and to compare the growth rate in tourism , new businesses and restructure of our Island .  We all claim island is loosing jobs , revenues for taxes  and shortage of tourism. We as the society have forgotten one thing OUR CHILDREN !! Most of us worked 9 to 12 hours to provide for daily life for our families  and our needs . I am a firm believer education , manners and good values start from home , I commend most of the parents doing a fine job with many children who have become a symbol in our society and taken upon them to bring new direction to themselves and there families .

As I see and experienced the teenagers  who are less fornuate to above fall in a trap of wrong environment and that turns them into less motivation , yet quick money .  This quick money comes from crimes , illegal substance and bad decisions . We have a team we have a island we have resources .  We only need government to approach business owners to produce certain things on island to resale here or export to smaller islands .  Why we cannot think this direction. Instead of complaining and raising taxes and paying more attention to others off island and tourism industry , why we don’t open a  learning center to teach , motivate and create jobs for them. St Maarten has the ability to manufacturer , produce and sell on island or export to promote  jobs to young ones. We all can complain and have the crime rate increase yet the solution is very simple .

Government needs to facilitate and recrute businesses  to create a industry on our island . This will give more benefits and job openings to our children’s who fall thru the system.

In end of my article I ask only one question  :

Who do we work so hard for ?




















  1. I agree with you that we need to create a climate for businesses to be able to prosper so that they create lots of good paying jobs which in turn helps the economy grow.

    But the simple fact is that SXM is a duty free country where no import duties/taxes are paid so that basic fact pretty much kills most businesses from manufacturing locally as it will much cheaper to import. Unless we have businesses creating products that can ONLY be manufactured on SXM or are marketed as being originally from SXM (for instance SXM Guavaberry), any business manufacturing common goods will go bankrupt pretty soon as they can’t compete with the large manufacturers overseas.

    • There are ways to put our young generation to work , I strongly feel a community center with resources should be opened to public, to share awareness of new techniques , ideas and jobs. Success lies within us , If we cannot bare our own burden , why would any others contribute. As a community a country with such educated people , we need to brainstorm and make our island even stronger.