How to pass the new Sint Maarten ‘TEATT IITT’ Driving Theory Test First Time!!

Dear Sint Maarten Driving School Owners,

Hereby Flyers for your Dutch and English theory exam candidates. See if you can do something with this! This is a flyer for TrafficTrainer in English and Dutch and for our app in Dutch for the Dutch theory exam with the advice to go through this together with the instructor or driving school about the important differences between Road Traffic Law with us and at make you clear.

You can e-mail this to all driving schools and possibly print it out and have it distributed or hand it out yourself.

Perhaps also an idea to put it at your Driving License Agency. I would like to hear from you how you think about this. They have to learn together with the driving instructor/driving school because the differences with the Netherlands are still too big!

The app special for the islands is still under development, but it will take a while; hence this temporary solution with which you can and will raise your knowledge and understanding of your theory exam candidates to a higher level from now on, which will only benefit your road safety.

Cordial greetings,
Team Drive Right International,
Michael Davidson.





Team DriveRight International

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