Ideas to prevent being infected by Coronavirus

Prime Minister Jacobs is absolutely right. The island can conquer but all persons need to prevent contagion together.  It is truth that anyone getting together, socializing, are jeopardizing their fellow residents of the island. It is cruel to think that it is okay. It is not, and disrespectful to all others doing their best to keep each other safe. Hopefully the choice of respect will guide actions.

Helpful ideas: Carry a handtowel with alcohol on it when out. Wear glasses & gloves. Do not touch even outside of gloves when removing. I am letting mail, groceries, deliveries sit a few days before touching. Glossy surfaces will keep active virus on them up to 3 days, clothing ( material ) 1 day, cardboard, paper & plastic (boxes of soda, canned goods, cereal boxes, etc) 2 days. Use even an old sock over hands to pump gas. Also, cash n coins… use gloves (or soon wash hands) and any change, that cashier gives back put aside and do not touch for a few days. Use alcohol towel or gel or wash hands then wipe down anything you touched, steering wheel, door handles, keys, wallet, etc so virus isnt lurking on them when you get back in car.

Voice vapor carries, why so important to stand apart. Breezes carry, it takes only a micron of this virus inhaled to become a carrier infected.

Defeat the ghost! Stay home, and give everyone space, like courteously stepping back from cashier and limit talking.

I love everyone on the island. This is extremely unique virus that wants to sneak to people so many invisible ways. You can stop it in it’s tracks – together! SXM people are proven winners !!