Let’s talk about Jobs because I must be living on the wrong island.

I am first and foremost in favor of SUSTAINABLE development.  My definition of sustainable development is one that is in harmony with the needs of the island, social, economical and environmental.  In other words development that follows a holistic approach.

I am going to assume that all these announcements are coincidental and have nothing to do with next weeks parliamentary elections, but I may be very naive.  In the last 2 weeks we have seen the following announcements coming through:

-Pearl of the Caribbean 400 jobs. (PM Marlin, Minister Gibson)

-STA/Hotel Building + 5 star hotel in the works 500 jobs (MP Matser)

So, if we believe what is being said those projects alone will represent 900 jobs for the hospitality industry for St. Maarten.  I must wonder where are all these unemployed people?  Whenever I participate in a Job Fair organized by the private sector or the labor department no more than 150 sign up.  So the question is very simple, who are we creating these jobs for?  In order to open and run a successful business you need a combination of qualified people and always some newcomers/beginners, but you cannot base any sustainable new project in the majority being inexperienced staff.

Anybody in business in St. Maarten knows how difficult is to find educated, qualified, experienced staff.

If we are ok with bringing in foreign staff to feel the future needs well lets be transparent and disclose it from the beginning, because we all know there are not 900 locals waiting for jobs on the hospitality industry.

Ricardo Perez



  1. Interesting about jobs. As a yearly visitor I have come to some very HARD working people who are Tottaly being taken advantage of and as an degreed advocate they quickly silenced me in fear of their jobs which many get paid when there boss’s FEEL like laying them. I gave a young lady a ride home and sobbing she explained that she and her fellow employees expected to be paid that day and they did not!!! She through emotional breakdown said her she had pending bills she was obligated to pay and had essential ( food etc) to feed and care for her children. I discovered several more incidents of thus magnitude that was outrageous and I humanely unacceptable!!! I’ve previously read several article on the site speaking of the economical concerns of the island as well as the recent election and previous….sorry ” political corruption” and ” violence” that is trying to be hidden from tourist well we know of it and I know personally many tourist are choosing to go elsewhere in spite of their love fir the island. And speaking of tourism I could really go there but I’ll just say it has been very obvious at this time that neglecting to put ANY legislation in place to protect timeshare owners CLEARLY confirms it is NOT a PRIORTY and we can stay or go no matter to you. But obviously the numbers CLEARLY show it SHOULD matter !!! Again I love SXM I even consider it my Second home BUT I hope things change but many laugh at me… And say ” It will remain business as usual”.

  2. Excellent point! Would be better to promote the hospitality industry at schools and offer more education geared towards hospitality industry in the widest sense, before creating more jobs in an industry that few people seem to have an interest in.