Minister Lee……SZV needs your internventio!

Minister Lee …….. SZV needs your intervention!

Dear minster Lee, in this time of building St. Maarten stronger and bigger you cannot oversee SZV. This institute is the cornerstone of our health care. Health care that needs improvement, on all levels, badly. And with difficult times ahead we need new leadership at SZV. A leader that is able to fulfill all the promises made over the last 7 years.

The present CEO Mr. Glenn Carty has proven us that he is not capable for the last 7 years, first as board member and for the last 3 years as CEO, to improve the organization and services of SZV.

Fact time! 1) For the last 7 years no significant surplus of AOV premiums was added to the reserve investment funds. 2) In 7 years over Naf. 10,000,000 is spend on ICT, with no essential outdated software replaced. The present ICT Manager Mr. Mehrdad Zinatbakhsh is for the last 3 years not able to change or improve ICT and SZV need reliable and accurate software to move forward. 3) Mentioned recently on SXMNews interim HR manager Sedley Laurens has been hired for the last three years for costs over Naf. 1,000,000. The lifespan of an interim manager is one year, then permanent staff is needed. 4) The financial manager Mr. Elton Felicie doesn’t meet the initial criteria set for his position. Mr. Elton Felicie applied for the CFO position in the past and was rejected. 5) Mr. Elton Felicie handled the division of the AOV funds between SVB Curacao and SZV and willingly accepted the short end of the stick and losing millions of our money. 6) Mentioned recently on SXMNews in the last two years lawyer Mr. Jeroen Veen, previous chair supervisory board, is paid close to a Naf. 1,000,000 for his services. 7) The medical referral of patients abroad is poorly executed for the last 7 years. 8) Mr. Ramzy Delaoui was appointed 2 years ago as COO, lacking any relevant experience. Mr. Ramzy Delaoui had no coach and didn’t deliver, changed position, not fired, still on the payroll. 9) SZV has not been able for the last 7 years to control the costs of health insurance on St. Maarten. 10) SZV has not been able for the last 7 years to improve the quality of life and therefore reduce the costs of health care for the people of St. Maarten. 11) Mrs. Ruth Brewster is holding a secretary position for the CEO and is paid a manager salary. 12) Mrs. Parveen Boertje has managed the Levy & Collection department very successful, despite internal opposition. Now Mrs. Parveen Boertje is responsible for Customer Care and for some reason she cannot make the difference.  13) For the last 7 years more than Naf. 10,000.000.- has been spend on external consultants. And I aks you Minister Lee, do you see the results?

Minister Lee, it’s public knowledge that Mr. Glen Carty ‘just temporary’ holds the position of CEO for the last 3 years. So it’s about time to appoint an experienced, fulltime committed and focused person in charge of SZV, before our money is gone. And please verify the facts provided to you, if an outsider can find these facts, it is even easier for you.

Minister Lee, can you please explain why people of our soil are not involved in the management team of SZV?

Minister Lee, I aks you. You have a performance agreement with Mr. Glenn Carty so you are more than capable to change and improve the course of SZV. We hear and read a lot, good and bad, about SZV but we see nothing changes.

Minister Lee, don’t you think Mr. Glenn Carty is turning SZV into an old-boys-network and burning our money without results?

Minister Lee, let’s build a stronger and bigger SZV! Are you in?


A very concerned SZV insured.