1. It only makes sense if we can maintain the new one an upgrade the medical services given to our citizens. When the people with money get sick in DR and Colombia they go to the states for treatment, on the other hand we send our patients to them, most of them to die.

    • How many have money in DR and Colombia?? Less then 1%? You talking bout specialist treatments not available in those countries (yet) perhaps.

  2. Crazy talk. First we hear a new hospital is ready to be built. Then we hear the current one is losing monies every month. What d he’ll goin on?

  3. I do think we need a new hospital in the long run, once we clear up all the deficits and can run the current one without a loss. If properly executed, a new hospital will increase the level of care for SXM population and sister islands Saba & Statia. Also, medical tourism can be looked at but only when executed by a specialized unit within the SMMC organisational structure which has a sole purpose to add USD to the bottom line of the hospital. Not a foreign entity that funnels all profits to offshore accounts. Just my 2 cents.