Rental Nightmare

Apartment Rental Nightmare :

Renting a apartment in St martin is a chore , one cannot imagine. We are sure there are many of you who feel the same. After visiting many realtor offices , we have come to a conclusion there is not single realty office worth visiting ! All realtors are busy renting bigger properties or sales to Off island buyers. Each instance we received the same response , which amuses us to think why are they in business to promote a storefront or to glamorize there websites.

We suggest some one should take a stand to form a company that will really deliver Rental services more seriously and update there websites for listings on frequent basis.

Having older listings which are not on rental market anylonger is a true Scam and not a serious business practice.

We need a change !!


  1. I agree with the above post. There is shortage of realtors who really want to work with medium housing needs. Each place you visit the realtor gives you a look , that you are mad to ask one bedroom under a $ 1000. Leaving all this aside they have no courtesy to call back or put any effort to show spaces. I am baffled with this. Are they in business to make revenues or they are so narrow minded to avoid any good business that walks in.

    • I believe certain people don’t agree with article above , we don’t run the country or live in on one person opinions. People who visit or start residing in this island have to remember , why did you relocate here ? So if you have then support the community and stop being so harsh with the words. This lack of education the article speaks about.