Sad Things Happening in Mullet Bay

Something very sad is going on in Mullet Bay. Here at Caribbean International Academy in Cupecoy, we try to instill in our students a sense of community, commitment and responsibility towards our beautiful island. A month ago, our grade 7 and 8 classes decided to trade pencils for gloves and spend an afternoon cleaning up a portion of Mullet Bay. An impressive amount of garbage bags were filled with all sorts of trash in very little time.
The students came back to school to coordinate a pick up by truck. When the students came back to wait for the truck they witnessed something unimaginable. A golf attendant was throwing the white garbage bags (that clearly had trash in them) back in the bush and covering them up with branches and leaves. One of the teachers present was told by that attendant that a nearby hotel had called the Mullet Bay Golf Course and had demanded that the trash be thrown back into where it was picked up so that tourists wouldn’t have to look at it.
CIA, along with many other schools in St. Maarten, organizes and participates in many clean ups like that one. It is saddening to see such an act happen before our eyes although the students, thankfully, saw it as a lesson. No matter how many garbage bags we fill, we must change the way we look at nature, our environment and our community. A candy wrapper thrown out of a car window, a styrofoam container being used once and then discarded without hesitation – this needs to stop!
Let’s all wish for a brighter future for our island and make sure that we pay attention to the little things we can change today.
Let’s hope for a greener 2016!
CIA Students and Teachers