Salary of Members of Parliament

Currently MP’s in the Kingdom earn:

  • MP’s of SXM earn approx. USD 10.000 per month
  • MP’s of Holland earn approx. USD 7.500 per month
  • Not sure what the salary is of an MP in Curacao, Aruba or commissioners on the BES islands

What do you think of the salary level of an MP in SXM?




  1. So far you could raise it a little, make sure they stay home, so less stupid decision would be taken……I ‘ve lost my hope….

  2. It is outrageous and to listen to the vocabulary of some of these guys they did not make it pass secondary school and earning that much it is a slap in the face the face of the average St Maartener who has to walk past the white elephant government administration building ( new one) that their taxes are paying for along with those salaries

  3. Tie MP salaries to:

    1. Attendance of meetings
    2. Actual contributions made annually (presenting legislation, motions etc)

    Atleast then out tax dollars would be at work……

  4. Crazy for a country that bearly survives on tourism and no other industry, poor infrastructure, high level of unemployment and corrupt administration. Cut their salary commensurate to country economy GDP.

  5. Craziness…only in SXM……seriously: check the global saleries for members of government and you will see that SXM ranks as one of the highest…… for a bunch of skunts!

  6. A handsome some of change $$$ for doing nothing, not bad at all. It’s ridiculous on a little island like SxM for members of parliament to be collecting such huge salaries.

  7. They need to tie in the salary onto attended parliament meetings and deduct a percentage for each meeting a member misses.

    No show, no pay!!

  8. If we would get high level MP’s but most did not even have a tertiary education…. we need people in there that get paid a descent salary (say around USD 5000 per month ex. benefits) but are in it for the love of country instead of love of self what is the case now!!!

    Money hungry wolves in sheep clothing, all a dem!!

  9. Crazy high! And MP’s on SXM consider their work a “part-time job” as well! That makes it the best paid part time job on SXM!