Second biased transportation report

Dutch government had PWC ordered to produce a secret report about how good Winair was for the islands. The guy who paid for this biased report was the infamous colonel Knops. He ordered the PWC advisors not to write much about the concurrence and omit everything that could harm the monopoly of Winair. The report was the kingdom government’s base for throwing a large sum of money in the bottomless pit that we know as Winair. On the islands people want another airliner, maybe next to Winair or better replace Winair with at least 2 other airliners.

Now we hear that this same colonel has ordered a consultancy firm to investigate about a ferry service. But again, the results are yet defined within the order. Nobody on Statia or Saba is asked to cooperate or give information. Especially the fishermen are put aside by the Dutch. This is very alarming. Not that many didn’t expect Knops to work that way, but now we know that the representation of the Dutch government on the islands have lost their mask. Clearly they are on the same side as Knops. Any plan about a ferry should include a role for the fishermen. Maybe as participants in one way or the other.