Good morning, Sunday 17 June VROMI Minister Cornelius De Weever issued a statement where he said that it was forbidden to download shipwrecks of fiberglass boats in the SXM dumps because they were highly flammable and extremely dangerous. Monday morning 18 Junio without any problems have started the unloading of fiberglass wrecks from a barge coming from Tortola ¡!! Not wrecks of the Simpson bay lagoon but coming from abroad !! All this under the eyes of all citizens, without any presence of the competent authorities, how is it possible? We do not already have enough problems with our wrecks in the lagoon and many more with landfills? Do not you wonder what’s going on? Approximately 800 cubic meters of dangerous material plus several concrete docks recovered in Tortola unloaded without shame on the island. The operation carried out in the sunlight along the road of the airport
I think that all this is a good reason for you to make inquiries and a nice article in your newspaper to give explanations to the sxm community because we receive dangerous trash from abroad