Sundial Teachers Scandal

Hello i am a Sundial Pkl 4th form Care & Wellness student. Exam time is coming up in May for MPC & Sundial.

So i wanted to talk about the bad stuff hapening in sundial school.

● We are not allowed brings phones to school , but yet the students the pay the security Mrs.Verwijn money for they could bring there phone. Wow


● Our exams are coming from Holland & Curacao , translated from Dutch to English and yet not proper English.  How are we supposed to good if , its not even going to be in proper English. And the teachers and coordinators , told us about it.

● We are getting a exam for Care for exam , but thing is that Mrs.Daphney Richardson havent really teach us anythibg this school year. How in the hell are we suppose to pass.

● Sundial always allowing students from Sundial to go MPC & they cant even speak dutch and then they stay back.  And did you know MPC HAVO & TKL students staying back has raised. ( I know cause someone from the inside told me )


● Sundial have no democracy ( freedom withing the contraits of the law ) the white students always have a edge. Like they alowed ro grow their hair except the black male students. Sundial school is very racist. And the owner of Sundial & MPC Mr.Peterson is white so maybe thats why.

● And i could tell you from now alot of Sundial students mights fail their wiskunde exam. Because they keep getting new maths teacher. And we got our match in Dutch since 1st form. Now the end of 4th form we getting it in English. Really ????????????

■ Who will come Valenvictorian?  Probably someone from ZEP4A . Probably me.

●  3rd formers planning on going Holland i here the Biology teacher Mrs.Rozenblad who planning it . Going make the students sell weed and do prostitution #TheHollandRedLights. Because weed and prostitution is legal in holland.




And i hope it go in the newpapers ( Daily Herald )

And on the radio. You have my permission.


~ Anonymous