Traffic situation in Pointe Blanche

Good afternoon!

I am writing to you in this opportunity, to request your help, like a “voice” of St. Maarten, and express my concern about the traffic situation that exists in Pointe Blanche; some times a saw your post about this.
We need a urgent attention and help to solve it as soon as possible.
Yesterday Monday June 4th. and today I spent two hours from my house to the Freedom Fighters roundabout in Philipsburg. This is a total madness.

When you arrives to the cruise port entrance; you can see taxis, buses, all those related to the tourism of cruise passengers, disrespecting the original car lane and making a double lane skipping those who already have 1 1/2 hours waiting.

It is necessary police presence in that area to make the traffic can flow better. As well, implement an adequate logistics while the work on the road continues.

This situation is really incredible, we have been living it for months, and it seems worse every day.

I really appreciate all your attention and help.

Alanel Hernandez
Pointe Blanche