Vetting of Ministers

We all know the US does not have a perfect electoral system…..we all can agree to this.

On the other hand I do like the fact that all cabinet nominations have the opportunity to be interviewed publicly by the Congress.

What a crazy idea would be to have a way of our MP’s to question our upcoming ministers before they are formally appointed?  Can we ever grow as country to that level?

Let me know what you think?  Am I expecting to much of sxm?



  1. In addition we should have access to the resumes of all MP’s and Ministers so the people can see who is making the decisions that affect their lives

  2. Interesting idea indeed.

    But first we should do away with this entire Parliamentary system: it has not worked for SXM and will never work and is overly costly.

    French side system would be better or even the old island council/exec council system.