An agreement between Avianca and InselAir could take months


WILLEMSTAD – The caretaker Minister of Economic Development Eugene Rhuggenaath says that a strategic alliance between InselAir and Avianca is not something that will take place immediately. It will take a few months before the parties can reach a preliminary agreement and a few more months for a definitive agreement. The Minister indicates that there are several important factors playing a role for this agreement to take place.

“All parties must be informed first. We must also do the necessary research for this strategic alliance. We also need a due diligence, which is normal in these types of cases,” says the Ministers. “All these things take their time.”

During his visit to Avianca in Bogota, the Minister spoke with the representatives of the Colombian airline on the possibilities of a strategic alliance with InselAir. The parties agreed that they will continue their conversations soon.

Minister Rhuggenaath says that he is very positive that both airlines will reach an agreement. “The visit actually exceeded my expectations. We were welcomed with open arms,” says the Minister.

The Minister rejects all accusations that he had not paid attention to Avianca’s request which apparently was made a few months ago. “Of course we are not going to make our negotiations and contacts public. We should also consider whether the parties want this to be public. That is why we are extremely cautious about what we say in public.”

Source: Curacao Chronicle