Audits InselAir and InselAir Aruba


WILLEMSTAD – A team of inspectors of the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate have conducted a partial audit at InselAir Aruba and a preliminary audit at InselAir Curacao this week. At InselAir Aruba the inspection did result in 2 findings which were of an administrative nature. On Curacao no particular findings were reported.

Next steps
As a consequence of the findings, InselAir Aruba would need to partly re-certify. This was one of the reasons for InselAir to come to the operational decision to start placing the Aruba registered aircraft under Curacao registration. Having more aircraft available in Curacao will also serve InselAir Curacao’s purpose to stabilize the route network. At InselAir Aruba additional audits will be planned in the near future to complete the inspection.

Source: Curacao Chronicle