BREAKING NEWS: Former Curacao Finance Minister Jamaloodin arrested


Willemstad / Caracas – George Jamaloodin, former Minister of Finance in the previous Schotte cabinet in Curacao, has been arrested in Venezuela on Friday afternoon. This on the specific request of the Public Prosecutors Office in Willemstad, Curacao.

Jamaloodin is suspect of punishable acts (abusing the power of his office) during his term as Minister between 2010 and 2012. Allegedly Jamaloodin abused a fiscal policy which was created by his own cabinet. He did so on behalf of his half-brother, lottery boss Robbie Dos Santos. The latter has been prosecuted for evasion of taxes in the “Bientu” case last year.

Furthermore Jamaloodin is suspected of embezzlement related to the purchase of one of several properties during his term as Minister.


Jamaloodin is also suspected of involvement in the murder of Curacao politician Helmin Wiels in 2013. He is allegedly involved as ordering the murder and having connections to the hitmen. In 2014, Jamaloodin was detained for his suspected involvement in the murder but was let go on the grounds of insufficient evidence.

The chance of extradition by Venezuela is small because there is no existing extradition treaty between the latter and Curacao. However, as Venezuela has now arrested Jamaloodin, the expectation is that he will be extradited after which the Prosecutors Office in Curacao can still take action.

Source: Telegraaf