Koeiman: “They tried to bribe one of our MPs!”


WILLEMSTAD – There is one prominent Member of Parliament for the ruling party MAN that they tried to bribe with the purpose to change affiliation and drop support for the coalition. This is according to the leader of the party Hensley Koeiman during a press conference.

This topic came to light because of a question from one of the reporters. Koeiman, who said that he always speaks the truth, said that it is true. “These are not rumors. There were malign individuals in our community who tried to bribe one of our MPs. But our MP rejected this offer,” said Koeiman.

He did not want to reveal who this Member of Parliament is but said that his party will deal with this issue internally.

Koeiman did indicate that on the list with eleven signatures for a new government there is one signature missing. Apparently, that missing signature is from the MAN MP.


Source: Curacao Chronicle http://curacaochronicle.com/main/koeiman-they-tried-to-bribe-one-of-our-mps/