OM: House search and arrests in case “Octopus”

Criminal investigation surrounding vote buying during Parliamentary Elections 2014 PHILLIPSBURG, WILLEMSTAD – As a result of information obtained by the Public Prosecutor’s Office that Member of Parliament S.M. would have bribed people to vote on him, a fact finding investigation by order of the Attorney-General was launched in October 2014 by the National Detectives. The results […] Source: Dutch Caribbean News OM: House search and arrests in case “Octopus”


  1. All politicians have sin from the Oath of Politics. And also voters you to have sin. Jesus ask. Let anyone who have not sin cast the first stone. Convict SM but it won’t stop the other political parties from sinning the same way

  2. Well it’s too soon to comment to me really but if the charges stick it’s by time there is actually a consequence for vote buying, time to clean house.

  3. The problem with all you guys is that you are cowards. Matser has his name out and you don’t. So who are you actually..? Troublems is Van Raak? Chico is Bosman? and Lolo is -as the name suggests- a combination of you both, like an evil twin?

  4. This man should be locked up for a long time and keep him AWAY from politics with all of his dealings and making government falls

    • What about others who have also been acused of buying votes?
      Like Theo is he above the law? And he did it in broad day light from his office in Point Blanch. Why wasn’t he arrested? This class justice