VIDEO: Curacao MP slaps colleague during Parliament meeting

Willemstad – During a public meeting of Parliament of Curacao today, MP Jacinta Scoop-Constancia of the MFK party has slapped her colleague and former President of Parliament MP Giselle McWilliam of the MAN party hard across the face, possibly breaking her nose.

The slap can be seen in this video:20170223_152126_resized

In the clip of the live broadcast, MP Constancia (MFK) is seen walking up to her colleague MP McWilliam (MAN) who is sitting down when she gets slapped across the face. MP Constancia then is seen shouting inaudibly to McWilliam and then walking off while making hand gestures and more shouting. Fellow MP Elsa Rozendal also of the MAN party stood up in protest and shouted “Unacceptable”.

MP Constancia has immediately apologized for hitting McWilliam as she said that she was angered by statements made by McWilliam on a fraud case in which Constancia is a suspect.

MP Constancia has been arrested immediately after the incident and McWilliam has filed charges against her.

Blood stain on McWilliam’s seat in parliament. Source: ParadiseFM.
Giselle McWilliam Staten. Source: ParadiseFM.
MP Giselle McWilliam. Source: ParadiseFM.
MP Constancia being arrested.

More details to follow once they become available.



  1. My goodness she nearly went with the head. This happened in Parliament. I dont believe immunity covers these actions.