Inspectorate of TEATT steps up controls

GREAT BAY (DCOMM): The Inspectorate of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Traffic and Telecommunications (TEATT) has stepped up its enforcement activities in the areas of public transportation, noise pollution, and illegal vending along the public roads.

Controls have been executed all over the Dutch side, but a special focus is on Great Bay, Cole Bay, and the Simpson Bay area.

A total of nine (9) fines were issued to persons caught vending on or near the public beaches selling various articles. Two (2) fines were issued to persons found engaged in massage services on the public beach without a permit.

Two (2) fines were issued to businesses found operating at extended hours outside of their permitted hours and one (1) business was fined for playing music at a volume exceeding the permitted decibel level on their permit.

These controls were executed during the day and at night and during the weekdays and weekends. The Inspectorate has issued a total of six thousand guilders (NAF6000.-) in fines during these most recent controls.

These controls will continue, and the Inspectorate urges all vendors and businesses to adhere to their permit conditions or face enforcement action.

All other persons not in possession of the required permit(s) are warned to stop engaging in illegal activities and apply or inquire at Window B at the Public Service Center in the government building (Ministry of TEATT) for the appropriate permissions so that they can legally benefit from Sint Maarten’s tourism-based economy and be part of a law-abiding society.

Lastly, complaints about any of the aforementioned activities can be submitted via email to

Picture of a bus stopped during control.
Illegal vendor on the beach.


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