UNUSUAL / Tourism: a Breton couple books a hotel in Saintes (17) instead of Saintes, in Guadeloupe | FAXINFO

A couple from Carantec discovered, once they arrived in Guadeloupe, that the booked hotel was located 6.500 kilometers away… in Charente-Maritime.

Olivier and Florence, living in Carantec, in Finistère, had planned a trip to Guadeloupe, on the island of Marie-Galante, with a one-night detour to the Saintes archipelago, volcanic islets in the French West Indies. A dream setting with its coconut trees and fine sandy beaches in the heart of the Caribbean… But once there, on March 1, the Bretons discovered that their reservation was for a hotel in… Saintes, in Charente-Maritime, town of 25.000 inhabitants 6.500 kilometers away, recently affected by successive floods. The couple realized their mistake on the spot even if the price of the hotel in the ideal location on the Saintes Islands, 89 euros, could have alerted them. After turning to the local tourist office, the couple had to pay 180 euros for accommodation on the archipelago, taking their misadventure with a smile after causing some laughter among the local population. This non-refundable error will not have prevented the Bretons from fully enjoying their stay, with an additional anecdote to tell their loved ones after their trip to Guadeloupe. This is not the couple's first attempt: for their vacation in Grève two years ago, Olivier had booked a hotel in Chòra, in Crete, instead of Chora, located on Amorgos, another Greek island. Never two without three ? _VX

Source: Faxinfo https://faxinfo.fr/en/insolite-tourisme-un-couple-de-bretons-reserve-un-hotel-a-saintes-17-au-lieu-des-saintes-en-guadeloupe/