Air pollution: orange level | FAXINFO

In a press release published this Wednesday, August 16, the Approved Association for Air Quality Monitoring in Guadeloupe Gwad'Air places the territory of Saint-Martin in orange level for air pollution in fine particles PM10 up to to this Thursday, July 17, 2023.

The concentration of PM10 fine particles in the air should exceed, today, 50μg/m3 on average over 24 hours, a value corresponding to the information and recommendation threshold. Faced with this forecast, the information and recommendation procedure is triggered in accordance with the decree  prefectoral concerning the management of pollution episodes in the ambient air for these two days. The procedure concerns fine particles less than 10 micrometers in diameter (PM10), pollution mainly linked to the passage of sand mists, but also to human activity (combustion of fossil fuels, means of transport, industrial activities, etc.) . Short-term exposure presents a risk to the health of particularly sensitive groups within the population (pregnant women, infants and young children, people over 65 or suffering from cardiovascular, cardiac or respiratory pathologies, asthmatics). In the event of respiratory or cardiac discomfort, take advice from your doctor, favor shorter outings with less effort, limit travel on roads and their surroundings during peak periods, as well as intense physical and sports activities. both outdoors and indoors. Consult the Gwadair website (see info) to find out about the measures for reducing emissions. _Vx


Source: Faxinfo