Aruba signs MOU with Tesla


Renowned alternative energy company Tesla is going to provide Aruba with energy storage systems that will enable the island to reach the goal of complete sustainable production of energy by 2020. Greg Callman, currently leading global business development and market entry at Tesla Energy, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Water- and Energy Company WEB’s Joseph Everon, during last week’s Green Conference.

The opportunity for this project presented itself at the 2016 US Caribbean Latin America Energy Summit in Washington last May, where Heads of State met with private sector representatives.

Tesla is widely known for their many technological innovations, such as electric cars. Additionally, Tesla has developed advanced domestic battery technology that can store a considerable amount of energy produced by solar panels. These batteries are destined for homes that wish to be independent of the national grid. Although this scenario does not yet match the local situation in Aruba, the island is searching for ways to benefit from the technology.

“The idea is to work together with Tesla to bring the storage capacity in these batteries to a grander scale. Grid stability is important and technological advancements such as the Tesla battery helps us achieve this goal. It is efficient and affordable,” Prime Minister Mike Eman said.

Callman explained that his company is developing storage solutions that are large enough to store the energy from solar parks. ,,We recently took over a company that produces solar panels. The combinations enables us to provide Aruba with solutions for the production and storage of sustainable energy. We are able – without extra efforts or incentives – to help Aruba reach the goal of hundred percent sustainability. Even better, we can do it for less money than the island currently pays for the heavy crude for the production of energy. ”

Callman considers Aruba a global leader in the transition towards sustainable energy. ,,This government consists of visionaries. Together we will accelerate the world towards renewable energy. It is very exciting to be part of that development.”

Source: PMO Aruba