Bomb threat at TELEM


POND ISLAND – The police force of St. Maarten have released the following statement:

“The police on currently at the Telem building, at the Philipsburg location investigating what seems to be a bomb threat made via the phone.

At approximately 1:50pm on Wednesday 12th September the police dispatch received a call from the Telem department stating they received an anonymous call, from an unknown person, to their help desk making claims of a possible bomb threat in the Telem building and vicinity. The emergency dispatched directed several police patrols to the Telem building to investigate what was going on.

The police department does not take bomb threats or any other threats involving human life lightly and decided to evacuate the Telem building, the Government building and persons living in the immediate area.

Traffic on the Soualiga Boulevard has been diverted into other directions. Investigators are presently trying to locate the caller. The fire department and paramedics are also on scene in case they are called to perform their duties. For safety reasons the police department is asking all persons to stay clear from the area until everything goes back to normal. At this time more details in connection with this case are unavailable. As soon as more information becomes available the media will be informed”.