** BREAKING NEWS ** Sonesta Great Bay Casino robbed by lone gun man


PHILIPSBURG – Sonesta Great Bay Beach Resort and Casino has become the latest target of a series of armed robberies that has plagued the island in the recent past when around 1.30 am this morning (Saturday Nov 12th), a lone gun man entered the Casino and robbed the establishment.

Details of what exactly was robbed are not clear yet. However it has been confirmed that the robber escaped on foot.

Further details will be forthcoming in the near future.






  1. this island has gone over to Jamaica Guyanese and young Haitian and government turn as if what I did not see amything but soon they will see like st Thomas Puerto Rico the Bahamas England USA know body wants them all they know is to steal back up and Destroy look at their country they have but don/t make use of it do u think they will do better with yours NO SIR Like some body said move this tinted cars and see the deference when I came to St martin in 1971 and u put tinted your car on the sport the police make u take it out but now even the police them self have they car tined jet black ts marteners wake up some of us is willing to help clean up but u got to help stop marring these people some of them is not there to help build but to take as much as they can take

  2. As a visitor for years I see a lot more people from
    Jamaica on the island and my friends that are locals all say the same thing they are illegals and bringing there crime to the island but the government looks the other way! Keep it up and you will
    Loose tourists like the Bahamas did and some other did

  3. The youth need a mandatory boot camp or military (VKS) service if not going to school or after secondary education if no vocational training is chosen. They need to learn the value of discipline and how to work for honest money.

  4. Place police and Gendarmes on all the borders 24/7 and stop all unlicensed, and tinted glass vehicles and you will see what happens to crime on the island. I will the did the experiment for 30 days and see the results.