Certain Locals Don’t Need Defending?

Letter to the Editor

Parliamentarians asking to merge the PJIAE and PJIAH boards???!!! So one company owning assets and operations? How about Government making the PJIAH go Poofff, take back the ownership of all the assets, and sign an agreement with the PJIAE to operate the lot.

Use the money they save by not having to pay Big Money to PJIAH brass, that was not the case when Mr. Joseph Peterson ran a tight ship (alone and for peanuts, I might add) to re-employ some laid off SXM Airport workers in dire need.

And then the question: What happened to the “We for our locals-Parliamentarians”? Certain locals don’t need defending??? Last time I checked Brian Mingo is as local as they come. But he ain’t playin’ ball with the TRUE fleecers, so now he muss go??

(P.S. glad I was able to teach Christo a new word in English: “Fleecing”. And before he goes down that old worn out path again, I do not owe taxes!).

Michael J. Ferrier


  1. All government businesses are unnecessary and could return within the organization of the government again. Of course certain measurements have to be taken against corruption, etc.