Churandy Martina crowned Most Positive Dutch Person 2016


AMSTERDAM – Curacao born Track and Field athlete Churandy Martina has been chosen as the “Most Positive Dutch Person of 2016”, a prize bestowed on a selection of persons that had a positive impact on the people of Holland. The research was done by Mark Verhees and Churandy Martina was crowned with 74% of the votes.

On his blog he announced winning the prize as follows:

“It is official: I am the most positive person in The Netherlands. Now my smile got even bigger and that is all thanks to my fans who voted for me.

I am very honored to win the title of the most positive Dutch person of 2016. I want to thank all my fans in Curacao and The Netherlands. They have made it possible for me to share my positivity with the rest of the world. Positivity has always been my motto and I will try my best to keep spreading the happiness.

Remember: whenever you feel down, it is not the end of the world. You need to have a positive mindset in order to stay happy. Every day you have a chance to do better. Embrace positive thinking and the rest will follow”