Cole Bay car wrecks

Cole Bay – An observant SXM Talks follower sent us the following regarding car wrecks left in the Cole Bay area:

“Car wrecks still visible in the Cole Bay area near Tackling property.  Vehicles were left 2 years later by their owners (after Irma).  Vehicles are endangering one-way road to residential homes, school day care and a new development. 

These car wrecks are just behind the Sol Tackling Gas Station.  Some also on Tackling property where many campaign rally’s took place and are an eye sore to Cole Bay traffic. Calling on VROMI to help keep SXM Clean. 2 years later really?!

I am sure there are more areas than Cole Bay.  Vehicles registration/Vin # should be charged in the future for the wrecks they leave behind .  SXM needs an island wide clean up!”