Dangerous suspect with Al Qaeda ties might be on SXM


PHILIPSBURG – The KPSM is informing the general public concerning information that was received via Interpol and Caricom Operations of a dangerous subject who fled from Martinique and is wanted by Martinique authorities.


Rachid RAFAA

Rachid RAFAA

This subject has ties to the terror group “El Quaida” /”Al Qaede”. The subject is believed to have used private boats or aircrafts to be able to travel. The suspect might be traveling through the Eastern Caribbean islands and this puts Sint Maarten on alert as being a tourist destination. The subject is named: Rachid RAFAA, born in Morocco June 30th 1976. The subject may be using false identification for traveling purposes.

Anyone who identifies this subject should immediately get in contact with the police department by calling 1721-549-1125 / 911 / the police tip line 9300 or 54-22222

Source: Kikotapasando




  1. They always finds the weakest link in the chain to infuriate, they know law enforcement is a joke on this island, folks B.O.L.O. for your safety.