Deal Avianca – InselAir almost failed


WILLEMSTAD – It came really close to a total failure in the negotiations between the owners of the Colombian airline Avianca and the local aviation company InselAir. The Colombian company was negotiating with InselAir and the Curaçao government when MFK leader Gerrit Schotte became involved.

He invited himself to a meeting between former Minister of Economic Development Errol Goeloe, CTB Interim Director Hugo Clarina and the representatives of Avianca. After the meeting, Schotte disclosed what was negotiated to the media. Avianca’s top was not very happy with this. They decided to stop with the negotiations.

The conversations have now resumed. Avianca will likely take over InselAir without the company’s debts, including the 33 million guilder loan from the government. The name InselAir will also disappear.

Source: Curacao Chronicle


  1. Lets hope for the best about the name Insel Whats in a name a win /win situation thats what the Curacao new gov 2017/2021 wants for the island