Dengue epidemic: the mobilization of all is necessary | FAXINFO

In a press release, the Regional Health Agency of Guadeloupe informs that Guadeloupe health establishments are reporting an increase in hospitalizations for Dengue fever in recent days, sometimes with serious or even fatal forms of the disease.

Faced with this epidemic which is starting, the Health Agency of Guadeloupe, Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy renews its message of mobilization against the virus responsible and the biting mosquito which ensures the transmission of the disease from a sick person to a person still unscathed. On the eve of the start of the school year, it is essential to fight against biting mosquitoes, against the larvae that develop in unprotected, unmanaged water reservoirs, located around or in homes. It is imperative to protect yourself against mosquito bites by wearing loose, covering clothing; use an approved repellent – ​​to be applied to all exposed parts of the body (except the face) – to repel mosquitoes when elimination is difficult. It may be useful to use a pre-impregnated mosquito net installed above the bed to protect against mosquitoes during naps or at night or on windows and openings to secure interior spaces. If necessary, an approved insecticide against adult mosquitoes will prove just as useful if the conditions of use indicated on the product are respected. Use air conditioning if available, to limit the circulation of mosquitoes in the habitat. Do not hesitate or wait to consult a doctor in case of symptoms (fever, headache, vomiting, fatigue, pain) that persist beyond three to four days. Self-medication with paracetamol must respect the maximum daily doses (3 grams in adults). In any case, avoid taking aspirin.

Source: Faxinfo