Dump Health Crisis Nr. 1 for St. Maarten – VROMI Minister silent

Photo credit: Barbara Cannegieter

Philipsburg – It’s becoming an almost weekly trend to report that the Dump has once again in a huge blaze, the third this month. This time throwing a choking and poisonous smoke blanket over the Philipsburg, Bel Air, Cul de Sac and surrounding areas. Residents are reporting to smell the sickening smoke as far back as Maho. Even Anguilla residents are noticing clouds and smelling the nauseating and toxic smoke.

The Dump is emitting toxic smoke on a daily basis but it’s assumed that with windy days, these small pits of smoke get ignited and set the area in a large blaze.

The Dump is fast becoming the biggest health crisis for St. Maarten, however the Minister in charge of VROMI, Christopher Emmanuel, has not laid out a road map and timeline as to when residents can expect proper mitigation of large fires and daily smokepits, and an overall longterm solution. The Minister has made photo ops at the Dump but that’s where it stops in terms of presenting a suitable strategy for St. Maarten number one health crisis.



  1. Nottin gonna happen Sarah busy with makin english #1 language Jacobs doin same for smaatin english all way more important from their villa views then explodin heart of country

  2. Mark my words he gonna say “we’re lookin into it” – s’maatin english for either A. No clue how to fix it or B. Let’s postpone till next gov arrives.

  3. Another show of that the government is asleep at the wheel. Minister of VSA this is a health emergency! Minister of VROMI what are you going to do. Minister of TEATT o……forgot we do not have one!

  4. It’s a bloody shame! Government is playing with the health of its residents! This is severely poisonous smoke that will result in cancer.