Dump on fire again, 6 cruise ships in port

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PHILIPSBURG – Residents awoke to yet another large fire on the Dump this morning, coming only 10 days after the previous large fire which triggered the call by the Fire Department called on residents living down wind to remain indoors and keep doors and windows closed and said that the company responsible for the management of the landfill is working diligently to extinguish the fire in coordination with the Fire Department.

With 6 cruise ships in port today and high season about to kick in to high gear, the welcome message this is sending to our visitors can only be a negative one. With social media being what it is today, one can only imagine what dire consequences this has for the island’s image as a premium tourism destination.

Since the last fire on November 14th, 2016 Government has yet to inform the public what it is doing to mitigate fires, what the status is of exploratory talks with Waste-to-Energy operators and what time frame residents can expect implementation of such a solution.

As reported before, Government is neglecting its primary duty of keeping its population safe as harmful toxins released in the air every day (the Dump is “slow burning” every single day) is harmful to the health of residents and visitors alike.

Dump on fire again – Government neglecting primary duty


  1. Hello ST- Maarten officials… HERE’S AN IDEA! ..IT would alleviate 2 major problems on the island… People are trying to help HERE.check this out.http://www.pinellascounty.org/solidwaste/wte.htm
    Pinellas County Florida – Solid Waste – Waste-to-Energy Facility
    The Waste-to-Energy (WTE) plant burns garbage, reducing its volume by 90 percent. This means there is less material to go in the landfill. When the WTE plant burns trash, it makes it into electrical energy, and leaves ash behind.

  2. Good point Jason. Perfect example of failing leadership. Sara, Theo, William. They wan’t to be in power bad, but they fail to take the decision the people look out for. Bad leaders. With a capital B. Or rather, no leaders at all.

  3. Amazing the deafening silence of our so-called “leaders” on this issue. All previous Governments are equally to blame for what can only be called SXM most serious health issue to date. What a prime example of incompetence by all Governments to date!