Dump on fire again – Government neglecting primary duty

Photo credit: Barbara Cannegieter

PHILIPSBURG – Residents waking up from a wonderful weekend filled with SXM Day festivities had a rude awakening when they woke up to find the Dump (“Sanitary Landfill”) on Pond Island on fire again and emitting toxic smoke in large plumes.

Today’s fire comes just 3 weeks after the previous large fire that covered the entire Philipsburg, Cul de Sac area, Cole Bay and surrounding neighborhoods in thick smoke. At the time, the Fire Department called on residents to remain indoors and keep doors and windows closed.

Today the Fire Department again is calling on residents to close windows and doors and stay inside their homes.

The Dump situation can soon become a National Health Crisis if authorities don’t present a clear short and long term plan in bringing the situation under control and implement a long term solution such as a Waste to Energy, Plasma or other type of garbage processing plant.

The time for sitting around and watching the Mount Dump grow is over. Residents urge a solution to be found post haste as Government is currently neglecting its primary duty of keeping its population safe.