Dump on fire again, Minister remains mum.


PHILIPSBURG – Residents in the wider Philipsburg area woke up this morning to the toxic fumes of another large fire at the Dump, which has been smoldering for weeks. Some sources are saying tires were set on fire deliberately. The Fire Department has been on the scene to out the fire.13876649_10153863722776089_4094178824843578305_n

Large clouds of the hazardous smoke could be seen drifting from Philipsburg towards the Cul de Sac area and further down towards the Cole Bay area.

Since our last post on this subject on July 19, 2016, the Minister of VROMI Angel Meyers who is ultimately responsible for the management of the Dump, has yet to outline the status of a possible contract being signed with the Waste to Energy company he visited in West Palm Beach, Florida back in May 2016. More importantly, the Minister is yet to outline an interim plan for the management of the Dump while a garbage processing plant is being built aimed at minimizing the Dump fires in the meantime.

With each fire, large or small, toxic fumes are being released into the atmosphere which are a hazard to the health of the residents and visitors. A structural approach is needed in managing the Dump situation (including a recycling initiative being promoted by Government) whereby residents can be made aware what is being done to minimize fires and what they can expect in the short, mid and long term in terms of a solution.