Dump on fire again, school pavilion in direct line of toxic smoke

Photo by Francine De Polo Peterson‎
Charlotte Brookson Academy makeshift pavilion on the Ring Road is in a direct line of the toxic Dump smoke. Photo by Francine De Polo Peterson‎

PHILIPSBURG – For the umpteenth time this year, the Dump at Pond Island is on fire again and emitting toxic smoke over sections of Philipsburg, Little Bay and Cay Hill.

The makeshift pavilion for the Charlotte Brookson Academy (CBA) on the Ring Road, opposite Ennia Insurances, which was donated by Holland and set up by Dutch marines after Irma, is in a direct line downwind of the toxic smoke. This may pose a serious problem for the school to actually start giving classes. The Minister of Health Emil Lee has yet to respond, as well as Minister of Education Silveria Jacobs who handed over the pavilion to CBA yesterday.

The fire started yesterday afternoon and has not be contained as around noon on Thursday Dec 7th, 2017. The Minister of VROMI, Christopher Emmanuel, said earlier this year that fires would be a thing of the past once a permanent solution would be implemented. A Memorandum of Understanding was signed in July 2017 with a Canadian waste management firm Enviro Green but nothing has been heard on the status of a permanent solution since then.

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With the Recovery Funds expected to come in soon, perhaps part of those monies can be used to get a permanent solution fast tracked as the health of residents and visitors alike have been put in jeopardy for far too long.