Dump on fire for 2nd day straight, Government remains mum

Photo contributed

PHILIPSBURG – The Dump which had a major fire yesterday which fire officials attempted to out but kept smoking for the majority of yesterday saw it flare up overnight to a full blaze again and thick, black smoke emitted over the Philipsburg area.

There have been numerous Dump fires for the year and it seems that these are becoming more frequent and take longer to out.

In the meantime, Government has remained silent on the subject and because of the suspension of the weekly press briefings by Prime Minister Marlin, any questions cannot be asked about what Government is doing in terms of short and long term solutions.

By not working on a solution for the Dump, Government is therefore neglecting its primary duty of keeping its population safe.

The Dump situation can soon become a National Health Crisis if authorities don’t present a clear short and long term plan in bringing the situation under control and implement a long term solution such as a Waste to Energy, Plasma or other type of garbage processing plant.



  1. There is only one way to stop this idiocy. That is to write to the cruise ship companies and expose this. Tell the companies not to come to SXM if they want to guarantee the health of their passengers. That all passengers run the risk to be exposed to toxic fumes that can be very dangerous for asthmatic patients and the elderly.
    When we the people write these letters en masse, we will see how fast government will do something. Hit them in the pocket. It can not be so hard to find the addresses of the cruise liners. Some creative artist can compose a folder/letter with photographs with dates of fires in the past. With predictions when the next fire will be raging. Print a couple of thousand of these folders and let we the people sign them and send them on. I bet that the problem will be solved within a year this action takes of.