Fire at Simpson Bay Resort | FAXINFO

On Sunday August 13 around 13:30 p.m., a fire broke out in one of the buildings behind the Simpson Bay Resort in Pelican, the Bougainvillea.

Alerted, Sint Maarten police personnel and the fire department were immediately dispatched to the scene. Upon their arrival, the police and firefighters quickly launched evacuation procedures for the B2 Block 1 building. Firefighting operations were initiated thanks to the two fire trucks on site. The cumulative efforts to counter the spread of the fire on the second floor paid off, the firefighters managed to contain and extinguish the fire. The black smoke caused by the fire and escaping from the balcony rose to the upper floors. Following this incident, a joint investigation team consisting of the Sint Maarten Police (KPSM) forensic service and firefighters has assembled to determine the cause of last Sunday's fire. At the current time of the investigation, evidence points to an electrical anomaly as a potential cause of the fire. _Vx

Source: Faxinfo