Fun Miles brings the FUN to annual Kooyman Tool FEST

(L-R) Hannie Seefat, Area Manager Fun Miles, Mark Leach, Kooyman Sales Team, Rik Buis, Store Manager Kooyman

~ With “FUN RUN” Obstacle Course ~

 PHILIPSBURG – The Kooyman annual Tool Fest is set to take place once again this year with an array of specially brought in Tools and discounts ranging up to 40% on Power Tools available all weekend long from October 1-3. With the highlight of the event being the “Fun Run” obstacle course powered by Fun Miles.

The obstacle course, though initially set to be a larger showdown has been scaled down to accommodate a smaller crowd due to Covid restrictions. The event which will now host 15 participants will allow for 5 rounds of competition with 3 participants per run.

The Power Tools themed obstacle course will feature 5 Fun power challenges along the way including a Sledgehammer challenge and a Drill speed challenge among other obstacles to test participants’ skill, strength, and endurance. In addition, the youth brigade has joined on board to help guide participants through the course and make sure that they are properly warmed up and capable of competing the run safely.

The winner of each round will receive several FUN Giveaways from Fun Miles partners and an exclusive Top Brand Power Tool along with 10 000 Fun miles.

“Though we would love to accommodate everyone, we are limited to 15 spots, which we will select via an online raffle, said Fun Miles Sint Maarten, Area Manager Hannie Seefat. We are excited to bring some FUN to the Kooyman Tool Fest event. The Fun Miles team will be at Kooyman on Saturday September 18th and 25th providing more information on the Fun Run and collecting on-site registrations.”

Want to join the Fun Run? Register now online at Fun Miles and join the running to be our Final 15!  Submit your contact details, fun Miles number and enter for a chance to join the Fun run.

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