GEBE’s lack of timely communication compounds out(r)age

gebe1_grootPHILIPSBURG – Many residents and businesses on St. Maarten today are yet again affected by the continued power outages plaguing the Dutch side of the island since last week. The multiple outages per day, sometimes up to 4 times a day in certain districts, are causing amongst other grievances, internet service disruptions. This further hampers many residents and businesses that may have power but no internet connection as the area in which the internet providers are located might be done at that time.

GEBE further compounds the frustration many residents and businesses experience due to the frequent power outages as they are not communicating the load shedding schedule in a timely manner. For instance, today GEBE posted the below message on their Facebook page at approx. 10.30 am when the load shedding had already begun in certain areas. Also no time is communicated what district will be affected at what time. This results in many residents and businesses not being able to take precautionary measures in order to alleviate the lack of power somewhat.Untitled

Management of GEBE, and the Minister in charge of GEBE, is urgently being requested to be more proactive in their communication about possible load shedding as per a pre-set load shedding schedule so residents and businesses know in advance exactly when they will be affected. That is the least that can be done to minimize the frustration that is being felt in the community and damage that these unannounced power interruptions are causing to an already very weak economy.



  1. GEBE you are thief!!! yesterday it was cut off while 7 h00 (13h30 to 8h15pm), do you really thing it s correct for a big company like you, hope you will give a big discount to your customers you have to do something, we pay a service!

  2. That list was not only late but also inadequate!! At the time of that post my service was off but yet my area noooo were on that list. This is beyond f..king rediculous now.

  3. When you dont pay GEBE they cut you, When you pay them they still cut you so what I have to do now. this is Bull Shit now..

  4. Fuck gebe! when you pay your bill late current is cut off your day gebe violating its customers keen competition

    • I live at ALMOND GROVE, some days it’s 5 per day, and many times you can see people out of ALMOND GROVE with lights (they have no generator I asked them), it’ONLY inside the area. I am a contractor and I work for papers at home, I can’t work. it’s terrible.

      • This last week I have been suddenly in the dark during the day 5 times in 8 days for up to thee hours and they are changing meters somewhere .