Generator Containers arriving mid July, says Prime Minister Mercelina

PHILIPSBURG – Following the critical meeting in Parliament on June 25, 2024, where solutions to the GEBE energy crisis were discussed, Prime Minister Dr. Luc Mercelina addresses the citizens of Sint Maarten with a detailed timeline for the arrival and operationalization of the 10MW Container generators.

“We are trying to make significant progress in our efforts to mitigate the current load shedding that has affected our community,” stated Prime Minister Mercelina. “The initial downpayment by GEBE for the rental of 10MW Container generators has been made, and we anticipate their delivery by mid-July, provided there are no unforeseen delays.”

These generators are a crucial part of the immediate solution to stabilize the power supply. “GEBE’s goal is to have the 10MW generators fully operational by the end of July or the beginning of August 2024. This will significantly alleviate the strain on our power grid and reduce the instances of load shedding,” the Prime Minister explained.

In addition to the rental of the 10MW generators, GEBE has secured agreements with large consumers to go offline during scheduled hours to further ease the load on the power grid. “I want to extend my sincere gratitude to these establishments for their cooperation during this critical period. Your support is invaluable as we navigate through this crisis,” said Dr. Mercelina.

Looking ahead to more sustainable solutions, the Prime Minister outlined the short-term strategy. “GEBE has also made the downpayment for the lease-to-own 20MW Container generators. These are expected to be delivered and operational by the end of September 2024,” he announced. “This step is vital in ensuring a more stable and reliable power supply for our island.”

Prime Minister Mercelina reiterated the government’s commitment to addressing the energy crisis comprehensively. “Addressing the issues with our power supply on Sint Maarten remains a top priority. I am committed to keeping the people of Sint Maarten informed and updated on the progress of these solutions,” he affirmed. “Together, we will overcome this challenge and build a more resilient energy infrastructure for our future.”

Source: Press Release