Housekeeping Week at Oyster Bay Beach Resort


OYSTER POND – The Oyster Bay Beach Resort celebrated  for a second year in a row International Housekeeping week from September 11 through September 17th.  During this week they recognized their Room Attendants and Housemen for their hard work and dedication to the guests and the Company.


The Human Resources department together with other senior members of the management provided the housekeeping staff with a week full organized  activities ranging from games, a movie night, breakfast every morning, ice cream truck among other.  The daily events culminated on Saturday with a raffle where every single member of the department obtained at least one prize as a token of appreciation.


”Our guests continue to share their satisfaction with our staff via the Resort’s comment card system.” Said Ursula Illis, Housekeeping Manager of the Oyster Bay Beach Resort. The management is very impressed and proud with the quality of work from the Housekeeping Team.”


Ricardo Perez, General Manager added “We are very proud to have the best housekeeping department on the whole island and probably one of the best in the whole Caribbean. They make our guest return year after year and smile on a daily basis.  We thank them for their hard work and dedication on their week”.


  1. This group of caring individuals goes far beyond housekeeping duties. Lorraine assisted my wife during a gall bladder attack providing excellent support.Can’t say enough about many others.We love the extra efforts of staff.Brianand Marlene

  2. This wonderful staff deserves a raise. This housekeeping week is a small token of appreciation. I’m sure a pay raise would be much more appreciated! When was the last one?

    • Glad you asked. All of our staff makes above the minimum wage. They received a retroactive increase a few months ago after the CLA negotiations were completed and they have already 2 more increases guaranteed effective 1/1/2017 and 1/1/2018.

      We are proud of our staff that is why we take care of them.

      Ricardo Perez, General Manager Oyster Bay Beach Resort.