Inauguration of the Centralized Cytotoxic Reconstitution Unit (URCC)

MARIGOT: Last Thursday evening, with the exceptional authorization of the Prefecture, the management of the Louis Constant Fleming Hospital invited the press, the medical profession and officials to inaugurate the long-awaited chemotherapy unit in the region.

The Director General of the Louis Constant Fleming Hospital, Marie-Antoinette Lampis, began her speech by emphasizing her pride in having kept the promise made to the patients concerned. The Centralized Cytotoxic Reconstitution Unit (i.e. the chemotherapy department) was indeed eagerly awaited by cancer patients in the Northern Islands who previously had to travel to Guadeloupe for their treatment. The will and determination of Doctor Laruelle-Henaux, medical oncologist and project leader, were greeted and warmly applauded. Without her and Marie-Agnès Opsomer, head of the pharmacy department, and the entire team of caregivers, this unit would not have been possible. The construction of a unit like this requires the respect and application of certain norms, and the process of obtaining the authorizations was long and drawn out.

The unit opened its doors on November 24, 2021, welcoming its first patient who received her chemotherapy treatment with great emotion. The realization of this service required the investment of 1.3 million euros by the State via the Regional Health Agency (ARS), represented by its director, Valérie Denux. The road to realization started in 2004 with the first report mentioning the development of oncology. With the arrival of Doctor Laruelle-Henaux in 2017, the first application for authorization of cancer treatment activity was launched. In 2018, a collaboration agreement with the Centre Hospitalier de Basse-Terre (CHBT) was signed. Several requests for authorization were refused by the ARS until 2020 when the fourth was the right one. 2021 will mark the beginning of the development work of the URCC until the reception and qualification of the unit last November. Dr Laruelle-Henaux concluded her speech with a quote from Siddhartha Mukherjee: “The fight against cancer is a human story: an adventure full of discoveries due to chance, of opportunities seized at the right time, but above all a celebration of the tenacity of men”… and, as far as this unit is concerned, above all the tenacity of women.


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