Insel Air takes measures to stabilize route network

WILLEMSTAD – Immediate steps were taken by InselAir’s CEO Mr. Filiatreault and his Management Team to increase the reliability of InselAir’s network. This specifically means that InselAir will take out its flights to Barranquilla and to San Juan. Additionally, instead of twice per week, InselAir will be operating the Auba – Santo Domingo – St. Maarten route once per week. These changes will be implemented this week and passengers who are affected by these changes will be contacted.

Daily service to/from ABC-islands & St. Maarten
The adjusted flight schedule will mainly improve the performance of InselAir’s core routes; to/from the ABC-islands and to/from St. Maarten. Other than Barranquilla and San Juan, InselAir will continue to operate flights to/from its other destinations making use of wet- leased aircraft from other carriers. For a real time flight schedule passengers can consult the airline’s website:

Information for passengers
Passengers who have purchased a ticket with InselAir to one of the aforementioned destinations and who are directly affected by these changes will be contacted by InselAir’s Customer Relations Team. These passengers will be offered a full refund. Passengers who InselAir is not able to reach are advised to contact the airline via the contact details on the InselAir’s website “We regret the fact that we have to disappoint our passengers, but we will make sure that this will be handled in an orderly fashion‘, says Filiatreault. ‘We are taking decisions to quickly optimize our performance and to provide our passengers and employees what they deserve; a reliable airline.’, according to Filiatreault.

Source: Curacao Chronicle


  1. The noise emissions caused by these ancient MD80 jets from Insel Air are terrible to say the least. In particular when the pilots are starting in an extremely steep angle over Simpson Bay / Pelican Area.

    The entire house is shaking when these are passing by. Not very trustworthy.

    Had hoped already for that moment that Insel Air will no longer return to St. Maarten…too bad to read that these old birds which are operated by an airline on its financial brinks will be still allowed to fly to our destination again.

  2. No more Inselair for me. Is this then saying it is safe to fly with them?! I don’t think so. Lets hope a new airline will take a lot of destinations over from them and that the price will also increase. Safety first but after price!