Kooyman challenges PRO’s to compete in HandyCrew Obstacle Course

PHILIPSBURG – Kooyman challenges local PRO’s, Handymen & DIY’ers to compete in the revamped 2024 HandyCrew competition. This exciting DIY Competition is back by popular demand, but this year, it’s back with a twist. 

Previously named the Handyman Challenge, the competition has been redesigned as the new HandyCrew Challenge where participants can now sign up in teams of two (2) to showcase their DIY skills and compete for the title of Best Handy Crew and take home a $2500 gift card and a set of WorkPro High performance tools.

“This year’s challenge requires contestants to prove that four hands are better than two, as they compete in a series of skill tests in the WorkPro Obstacle Course, said Kooyman Commercial Officer, Evencia Carty-Seabrookes. The event will take place live and direct from the Kooyman parking lot on Saturday June 29th, where each HandyCrew will complete a series of DIY tasks with speed and skill. The obstacle course will feature challenges ranging from electrical, plumbing, tiling, painting and more.”

HandyCrew teams of two may register online via the Kooyman website and each crew must submit an image or video highlighting a past project with a short description of their skill sets and what makes them a worthy Kooyman HandyCrew. Registration deadline is June 11th

We look forward to hosting a fun and exciting challenge for our Pro’s and Handymen and women, said Kooyman Commercial Officer, Evencia Carty-Seabrookes. We welcome a friendly rivalry between our HandyCrew contestants as they will have the promote their team’s talents and take home the bragging rights.

For more information on the HandyCrew Challenge, visit the Kooyman website: Kooymanbv.com

Source: Kooyman Press Release