Lawyers strike continues, march to Justice Ministry

img-20160923-wa0004PHILIPSBURG – On Friday morning, Government appointed (pro-bono) lawyers contined their strike and took to the streets, marching peacefully to the Justice Ministry located on A.T. Illidge Road.

This in continuation of what the lawyers announced on Tuesday which is a strike called by pro bono lawyers for timely and improved payment of Government remunerations. The strike will continue for as long as their demands have not been met in full, organisers said.

The strike was called by attorney-at-law Geert Hatzmann last week Wednesday to force Government into action as it is months behind where it concerns the payment of services to lawyers assigned by Government to crime suspects who cannot afford payment of legal assistance on their own. The action is also for an increase of the fees for pro bono lawyers, which have not been indexed since 1993.

The action may lead to delays and postponements in legal proceedings, as a number of criminal cases are scheduled to be heard on Wednesday and lawyers will not be present for the hearing of pro bono cases.