Letter to the Editor by Michael Ferrier: Stories that make me go ‘Hmmm’…..

Letter to the Editor by Michael Ferrier
Dear Editor,
  1. Police warn motorcyclists against dangerous behavior! When will the warnings stop and the zero tolerance of shenanigans on motorbikes kick in?
  2. Judge orders Air Traffic Controllers back to work. While the 30 or so ATControllers are part of the 200plus SXM-Airport employees, the controllers’ job performance, or lack thereof on days like this past January 2, can cause accidents and incidents with catastrophic and deadly consequences. Very few other SXM-Airport jobs (if any) carry such a burden. Airport Management might consider carving them out of the rest and dealing with their issues separately.
  3. Parliament to examine Brownbill’s credentials. Really? How about the “Honorable” replacement showing some integrity by offering to remove himself from consideration for the seat in Parliament that now is vacant, seeing his own experience with the justice system. What is the message here?
  4. USParty questions hospital agreement. Maybe the USParty would be better served questioning themselves and evaluating their campaign promise of “Integrity and proper representation.”
  5. Buncamper says serious choices to be made; reset button cannot be pushed again. While he says that the reset button cannot be pushed again (for the country), the lengthy press release on page 4 of the newspaper is either a political “magic trick” or proof that his own personal reset button was in fact pushed, so “business as usual” would kick in. Convicted by our court of law, unceremoniously removed from Parliament (while remaining on its payroll as MP #16), the MP appears to take a page out of an ex-USA-President’s playbook: Deny, deflect and assign “problems” to others, all the while hoping that posts on social media and in the mainstream press will cause the average citizen to soon forget all transgressions!
Michael J. Ferrier